5 Link Building Strategies to Improve Your SEO

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How to Improve Your SEO with Link Building

SEO Link Building StrategiesIf you take a serious look, you might realize that the digital marketing world has just changed intensively in these last years. The Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm might be responsible for the change of the online marketing practices just like on how the sites should be established and how the backlinks should be designed. Building the backlinks is one of the ways to improve the site’s SEO. Here, we are going to provide you five advanced strategies to improve your website’s SEO and to replace the outdated link-building techniques like the automated directory submissions or any low quality backlinks package purchase.

Strategy #1: Guest Posting

First, you might want to try guest posting where it refers to drafting the article that would be published on a certain person or company’s website. By applying this technique, you would be able to get access to the new audience while securing the backlink for your site. To work with popular and highly respected blogs is required to optimize the result. By sending your best content to them, you would establish the relationship with the other sites and surely their audience. Keep in mind that this technique could not be automated by resending any old article to the publishing blog just for securing the backlink.

Strategy #2: Creating Infographics

Next, you could create infographics where sharing the image of a certain data in a graphic could result in new links every time the graphic is referenced on another site. The best infographic indeed could take more time and money, yet when it is done rightly, the investment could give you a lot of links that affects your graphic distribution.

Strategy #3: Building Links Through an Email Request

For the next technique, you could also try to build links over email. You would utilize the links found in blog sidebar or footers as your link building task. This technique works by emailing the potential linking website and request your link to be placed on a relevant page of content. This could result the new and valuable backlinks at the end.

Strategy #4: Creating Viral Content

For the fourth technique, you could try to create a viral content. It is a process on publishing a valuable and shareable content on your website followed by seeding your link on the well-regarded social networks. Try to design the content as attractive as possible so that people would like to share it with the others. You could also analyze on what makes the content becomes so popular, for instance it contains the latest trends or just the absurd yet entertaining content. The viral content has been proven as one of the most effective link-building techniques which require no type of outreach at all.

Strategy #5: Analyzing Your Competitor Links

For the last technique, you could just analyze the competitor links using the tools like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, or Open Site Explorer where it would let you to inspect the websites that are linking back to the competitor’s website. By doing so, you could absorb the ideas of the potential source to link back into your website. Beware of the competitor’s spam links since it would get your web nowhere. Focus on generating the high-value backlinks for the natural appearance to the search engines.

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