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Get Tons of Visitors to Your website with the Blastoo!

You might indeed have heard some tips and tricks for gaining free traffic for your website. Well, most of them might be just too complicated for the easy-minded online marketers like us. Moreover, some of them are just the fool proof methods where the result could not be fully guaranteed. So, in this case we recommend you a far easier way with a software which is capable of turning your giveaways and lead magnets into traffic machines on Facebook. It is called Blastoo! – a software which has been fully designed for the online marketers to automatically post the custom stories on the Facebook newsfeed.

Blastoo!Using the Blastoo! means that you do not have to pay the Internet Gorillas for even the unreliable traffic. Employing this software also means that it is unnecessary for you to work tirelessly just for building new content for the free traffic. Needless to say, utilizing this

The Blastoo! itself provides you with the most pleasing opportunities like:

  • Create the Custom Rewards from a wide range of lead magnets you want to giveaway. There are over 20 choices from action plans to webinars for your target market.
  • Create Landing Page for the slick, neat and also attractive landing page.
  • Driving traffic and sending referrals which would work as a viral marketing when the visitors sign up via your landing page.

So, by applying this software positive points, especially the referral traffic from Facebook, it is even possible for you to double or triple the visitors to your website without spending more money on Ads.

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