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Bodyweight Burn: A Simple Yet Effective Weight Loss System

You might have chosen a certain method for your weight loss program. But even after trying so many methods and programs, you still could not feel the impact since there are some factors related to it. The lack of time might become one of the major factors that could hamper the optimization of any weight loss product. However, for you with a busy schedule, you should not worry too much about it since there is Bodyweight Burn system which absolutely could be your perfect solution.

Bodyweight BurnThe Bodyweight Burn system is a 12 week body-weight only exercises and diet plan which has been brilliantly designed to burn more fat with only 21 minutes a day of training, amazing right? The program itself consists of three types of workouts such as:

  • Afterburner workout as the high intensity cardio interval training workout to lose a huge amount of fat in the shortest amount of time.
  • Cardio Flow workout as the series of body-weight exercises set into one long flowing chain of movement for the continuous objective.
  • Metabolic-Muscle workout for building and maintaining the lean muscle so that you could burn calories along the whole day.

In the Bodyweight Burn system, you would find the two phases to indicate your weight-losing process. For the first six week, there is a metabolic base phase where the goal is to build the lean muscle for increasing the body’s metabolic engine. The next six week, you would begin with the metabolic explosion phase with some harder exercises where some of them are included as the high intensity afterburner workouts. However, you would still get the carb-synch diet system which contains the carb diet plan to boost the weight-loss process.

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