Building Authority: The Key for A Successful Business

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Building Authority for A Successful Business

To get noticed and start establishing a personal brand which could be employed for the business use is totally not an easy idea. In this case, you might need more time to outclass them with the more level of the expertise. To be honest, being an expert is not enough in these days. Fully understanding your niche might get you nowhere of being compete with the other experts who run the same field. There are hundreds and even thousands experts that you need to deal after all. Being an expert is good for the preparation while being an authority is what you need to win the competition.

Building Authority

An Expert vs. An Authority

While an expert knows about the particular topic, an authority is someone who listens, takes notice, recommends to other to buy and there are still few people who are involved into this. An authority is someone who is visited by the media when they want some quotes for an article, or the podcasters and bloggers who seek out to interview, and they are highly respected by the marketplace. Briefly, an authority appears on the top of the bunch of experts where they tend to be visible, influential, and trustworthy yet being discussed. This reputation-centered profession would bring you more revenue soon as you get more popular.

Tips to Build Your Authority

Becoming an authority requires good planning, a roadmap and also an online platform to share the ideas, thoughts, opinions and experiences. Today’s authority profession is still the same as in the old time where you would contribute the articles to the press, providing quotes for journalist or giving presentation at the certain conference. However, all of them just go better when the digital element is involved. You would not need those restricted media like television or radio show to spread your reputation as you could always do it in more applicable ways.

What you need to do first is to establish the relevant and yet attractive content before plunging yourself into a certain industry or community. It aims for build the database of the subscribers or fans for your kind of work (and you could contact them via regular email newsletter). It could be done by writing a blog, producing online videos, recording a podcast, sharing the link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or tweeting. Publish a free e-book, run a webinar and even comment on the people’s blog post could also be the effective way to build your reputation.

You could also share your knowledge, ideas, promote someone’s work, do the mentoring, write guest posts, take the collaborative project or speak at the certain conference. The most important part here is not to expect something in return. Then, you could just get into a further phase by developing a schedule of the content creation, participate in social networks, online forums and real events while expand your brand through strategic media relations activity. All of those activities might be the basic thing that you should do to bring your expert level into an authority.

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