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When it comes to create and promote the digital products, ClickBank would appear as your precious partner. Being trusted by more than six million registered users and serving around 30,000 digital sales each day, ClickBank is the perfect choice to make serious money. Whether you are going to create your own product as a vendor or promote other people’s product as an affiliate, you would find the benefits of employing the ClickBank as your promotion media. The commission rates could reach up to 75% depending on the promoted product.


Selling Your Own Products on ClickBank

Selling your own products on ClickBank even is easier than it is said. What you need to do for promoting your own product is to sign up first as a vendor while setting the commission percentage for the promoter. Once you list your product, you would find the other ClickBank users would start promoting your product on their websites and set the traffic into your sales page. Make sure that the landing page is user-friendly, sales-oriented and has everything well-explained. By doing so, the visitors might get interested into your product and ended by the revenue on your grasp. Employing the ClickBank as a tool for generating leads would drive huge amount of visitors into your page. Putting them into the newsletter list and market to them repeatedly is more realistic than hoping for selling 100,000 copies in short period.

Selling Other People’s Products as an Affiliate

For selling the other people’s product, you are required to sign up to become an affiliate with ClickBank. Then, you are allowed to search the products available in the marketplace to sell. Use the niche and commission percentage to ease search since it might get harder for finding the suitable products that you want to promote inside ten thousands available products. A wise advise before you promote a product is to check the vendor’s sales page since it would be useful for deciding whether the product is worthy to promote or not. For instance, they might offer the maximum commission rate along with their unreliable website. In this case, you would not be able to generate many sales even with the high traffic that you create.

Traffic Generation Tips

There is an alternative way for the quick and free promotional media. This works well when you haven’t set your own promotional website, and that is through the WordPress. WordPress is one of the instant and free content management systems that you could rely on for starting the website and publishing the articles as soon as possible. The idea is to attract the readers with your article then present the ClickBank affiliate offer along with the article. You could also monetize your site by developing the newsletter to promote the Clickbank offers though.

Spending some time to identify the most common searched keywords is also useful to get high traffic. By creating the articles based on those keywords would drive more traffic from the search engines after all. This could be better if you prefer the less competitive long-tail keywords or the search phrase. This method has been proven to drive more traffic rather than using the one or two words keywords. You could check the ClickBank University for the free videos and tutorials to learn more about using ClickBank and start making sales though.

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