How to Make Money with JVZoo Affiliate Program

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If you are looking for a trustworthy affiliate program other than ClickBank, then JVZoo might come into your consideration for making money online. This marketplace is indeed less popular than ClickBank, yet you could still earn much money here though. The difference is that you might have to wait to get approved by the vendor before promoting the product while ClickBank requires you only to join and you will be able to promote the vendor’s product soon after that.

Get Started with JVZoo

JVZoo Affiliate ProgramOn the other side, you would exactly face no difficulties for getting started with the JVZoo. What you need to do is only to sign up for an affiliate account which only requires it to be connected with your Paypal account. By doing so, the JVZoo system could get the access into your Paypal funds just in case there is a customer who asks for a refund later on. However, once you become the member of the JVZoo, you could surf in to search and start promoting the products you desire on the marketplace. By this point, you would get noticed to wait the approvement of your account from the vendor.

It might take some time and even you could get refused after waiting for that long. Don’t be upset though, you could still find the other vendors with different considerations. Some vendors would also require you to employ the specific way of promotion method and accept no other. Your Paypal, once again, is needed for the vendor to pay the affiliates. You might just get the payment as soon as you manage to sell their product while some just require 45 days for the affiliates to get paid.

The Pros and Cons of JVZoo

There are still several pros and cons of using this international affiliate program. For the first strength, you could rest assure since this affiliate program employs one of the most popular and more importantly trusted payment processors and that is Paypal. By joining the JVZoo, you could even get high commission range from 50% up to 75%, pretty cool right? This affiliate program also requires no complex or specific requirement like the other affiliate programs do and they also accept new reistrants from all over the world if you want to know.

You should also notice the JVZoo downside at this point where you have to wait your account to be approved by the vendors to promote their products might be just the most irritating one. It could hamper your obsession for promoting the product though. This affiliate program might also less popular than ClickBank where you could find the impact like the less varieties of the product that you could choose. The 45 days of payment waiting, might also become the downside of the JVZoo. After words, you might just want to join the JVZoo for your spare time where you could also join the other similar sites once you established yourself as an expert in affiliate marketing field. That could give you the advantage of getting approved easily by the vendors later on.

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