Monetize Your Blog with Google Adsense to Make Money Online

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Blog indeed offers us the big chance of earning money in a quite effective and constant way. By growing and monetizing our blog with the right advertising network such as Google Adsense, you could even get more profit than you could even imagine. On the other side, it is a must for us to deeply understand the strategies for affiliating our blog with such advertising network before we monetize it. So, here we are going to provide you on how to make the money online with Google Adsense as one of the most popular and most applicable advertising networks. Before we go further, we might want to remind you that there is no method which could gives you thousands of bucks in overnight and so does the blogging. Monetizing your blog with ads should be done in several steps and here they are.

Make Money Online with Google Adsense

Get Started with Google Adsense

The first thing you need to do is to set up your own website or blog through any blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. Once again, we take the Google Adsense as the example here. What you need to notice here is that some of advertising networks require a contact and also a promise so that you would not join the other competing networks. For the Google Adsense, they would want you to have some requirements such as privacy policy, navigation bar, and quality of the relevant content completed with the installed Google Analytics. By doing so, your page would be priced based on the page views. Make sure that you follow the rules and never click your own ads.

After that, you could get started by familiarizing yourself with their very policies and utilize the present of the Adsense Academy to learn on how to start making money from your blog. The commission you would get comes from the pay per click where it could be different depending on how many visitors who click your ads. The idea here is to dominate the traffic into your site by improving your blog with the relevant content and ads where it would affect the payday.

Blog Customization

Customizing your blog is highly required to attract the readers. The sidebar, below your blog post and also at the top of the page are the perfect place for ads. You could also place the ads inside the post and also above the comments if you think that nobody would notice the mainstream sidebar ads. With the assist of the Google Adsense, customize the display and also the color to be more attractive. However, do not put too many ads on a page since it would discourage the readers from focusing on your website. Just make it clean and organized though.

Diversify Your Income Sources

Never stop on having the experiments on your ads placement to attract more clicks. You still could be add the sponsored content, sidebar advertising, affiliate offers or even other advertising networks into you site after all. Finally, never forget to inspect your stats so you could also set and adjust the monetization strategy. Download the Google Adsense App via Google Play Store so that you could monitor your current stats and earning on the go.

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