Potty Training Tips for Your Dog

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The Tips to Potty Training Your Dog

Sometimes dog owners are irritated with their dog’s behavior. It is actually a common thing to happen since dogs do not do what humans do. In order to make them in accordance with our mind, it is essential to put them into training. Here are some dog potty training tips as the first step to make the dogs better than ever.

    Potty Training Tips

  • Knowing Biological Cycle Basic
    It is important to know that dogs are animals, and are living things. They are similar to human as they need to eat and waste. To make waste, they should consume something first. Since dog owner has full control over the foods, it is essential to give them foods in scheduled manner. That way, the owner can learn how long it takes for the dogs to make waste. It is one of essential dog potty training tips because every dog has different cycle, and only the owner knows exactly the time.
  • The Procedure
    In addition to scheduled food time, the dogs also need to be put outside, exactly where you want them to make waste. It can be done in the morning, after meals, after nap, and before sleeping. It is important to take the dog to the same spot every time since the scent will guide them. Sometimes, it is also necessary to wait them until they do the business. After they did the job, it is time to give reward.
  • Important Note
    In the course of training, the dogs may make mistake. Being angry is not an option as it affects their mentality in the future. You need to be parent or leader who orders the dogs respectably.

Those are some dog potty training tips that can be applied for dog house training. FYI, you can learn more about dog training tips from Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer program. Depending on the dog, it usually takes quite a long time ranging from 3 months up to more than a year. Consistency is absolutely needed for making them discipline.

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